Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

FlyGuyBuzzBoymed The holidays and major gift giving time is upon us. For the next few weeks we will be featuring book reviews by kids on the books they like. Our first review is by Zach a second-grader at Yulupa School. He reviewed Buzz Boy and Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold. No, I am not Tedd Arnold’s publicist; this second post about a Fly Guy book just shows you how much both boys and girls love these books. In this book, Buzz has written a comic book called The Amazing Adventures of Buzz Boy and Fly Guy. In it he and Fly Guy are SUPERHEROS! One day Buzz wakes up and he is the same size as Fly Guy. They soon find that a pirate ship has taken their house to a dragon cave! After many adventures Buzz boy and Fly Guy save the day. Zach said he loves this book because it is funny, there is a dragon (and pirates) in it and he likes that Buzz  writes a book to share with Fly Guy.

Zach and Fly GuyZach’s picture shows Buzz reading his book to Fly Guy. Thanks, Zach for a great morning.

You can read what Tedd Arnold says about this book here.

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