Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Schools of Hope Tutor Resources

Welcome to the new and returning Schools of Hope tutors. For those of us who like instant gratification, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. Yulupa uses the PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Strategies) from Vanderbilt University. You can read about the program here. We use a slightly different version of PALS but the principles  are the same.

When many of us went to school, the most used reading method was Whole Word (the Dick and Jane days). If you would like to review the letter sounds, you can go to Alphabet SoundsSpring Creek Elementary  made a video of a tutoring session and training. They do no use the same materials as Yulupa, but it gives you some idea of the flow.

The Five Finger Rule to help a child find the “just right” book. I give all my students a copy of this near book fair time, in the fall at Strawberry and in the spring at Yulupa and show them how to use it.

Instructions for making a word game based on dominoes from No Time for Flashcards. We are encouraged to play a game with our students at the end of a tutoring session. This is an easy one to make yourself.

And from the Kindergarten Connection the template for a first grade rhyming game. 

If you need some additional insight check out this  Advanced Tutor Training by MaryAnn Nichol. She is a professor at Sonoma State and is part of the team doing research on Schools of Hope.

Finally, for more ideas to help you with your students, just click on the Schools of Hope tag at the bottom of this post or in the left hand column on this blog.

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