Friday, February 1, 2013

Creepy Carrots

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown was awarded a 2013 Caldecott Honor. Jasper Rabbit loves carrots. He takes the fattest and crispest carrots from Crackenhopper Field on his way to school,  to Little League practice and  home at night. Until one day the carrots started following him. He saw them in the mirror while brushing his teeth, on his way home from school and in his bedroom at night. Mom and Dad could not find any creepy carrots, but they were there… Pretty soon, Jasper was seeing them EVERYWHERE! His parents were wrong, the creepy carrots were coming for him.

Jasper got  an idea, they couldn’t get him if they couldn’t get out. He gathered his tools and headed to Crackenhopper Field. He measured, he excavated, he cut and he nailed until he had built a sturdy fence around the carrot patch. For extra protection, he built a moat and filled it with alligators. Jasper was happy and it turns out the carrots were happy too. Their creepy plan had worked, that rabbit wouldn’t be getting into their patch again. Win-win for everybody!


I watched a video interview with illustrator, Peter Brown. He said when he got the story the first thing he thought of was The Twilight Zone. He watched lots of old episodes looking for things to incorporate into a children’s book. I think he was successful in getting the “look” and obviously, the Caldecott committee thought so, too.

The Yulupa Library has one copy and the  Sonoma County Library has several copies of this book.

Reading level 2.3

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