Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pug and Other Animal Poems

Never wanting to rush anything, I have waited until the very last day of April to celebrate National Poetry Month. Pug and Other Animal Poems is a collection of short poems by Valerie Worth and illustrated by Steve Jenkins. This is the second posthumous collection of Valerie Worth’s animal poetry. She wrote poems  about an elusive  fox, a cicada metamorphosis and toads in window wells. As well as poems about geese leaving for the winter and returning in the spring, a rat’s domain and pugs who look a lot like people. Each poem captures something about the animal that is unique. They are simple and accessible for children of all ages.

Pug and Other Animal Poems

Steve Jenkins’ collage artwork beautifully illustrates each poem. Jenkins won a Caldecott Honor  for What Do You Do With A Tail Like This? He also has an interesting website. He takes you through the process of creating a book from concept to completion. He has written and illustrated numerous non-fiction books for children.

The Sonoma County Library has a few copies.

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