Sunday, May 5, 2013

50 Creative Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Since there is only one more week of Schools of Hope tutoring, I have been talking to my students about summer reading. Struggling readers fall even further behind over the summer months. A couple of years ago NPR published  some great ideas from Accredited Online Colleges to prevent summer brain drain. Over the next couple of months I’ll be writing about and linking to other ideas to help kids retain their hard earned skills.

This article has many suggestions for turning ordinary summer activities into learning opportunities. Read everything! A comic book, a street sign or  the back of a cereal box, it all counts. If you are a parent, read aloud to your children every day. You’ll be building great memories as well as skills. When you go out to eat, have the kids put together a meal with a certain amount of money. It is uses both reading and math skills. Encourage reading in bed, maybe even pushing back lights out as long as they are reading. Check out the article for many more ideas. And check back here for more ideas in the weeks to come.

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