Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dory Fantasmagory

Dory Fantasmagory
Dory is the youngest child in her family,. She is curious and has plenty of imagination. All she really wants is to be invited to play with her sister, Violet and brother, Luke. They think she acts like a baby and  find her annoying. All they really want is for Dory to leave them alone. Violet and Luke tell Dory about Mrs. Gobble Cracker, who is 507 years old with very sharp teeth and steals baby girls. They have heard that Mrs. Gobble Cracker is looking for Dory so she’d better stop acting like a baby.  Dory and her imaginary friend, Mary, concoct schemes to evade Mrs. Gobble Cracker which continue to annoy her siblings. After vanquishing Mrs. Gobble Cracker, she saves the day (or the doll)  which keeps Violet and Luke from getting into trouble. In gratitude she is invited to play.
Dory Fantasmagory is written and illustrated by new author Abby Hanlon.  There are several copies available at the Sonoma County Library. A sequel, Dory and the Real True Friend will be published on July 7, 2015. My six year old granddaughters love this book. It is a great read-a-loud book, too.

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