Monday, May 30, 2016

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Earlier this spring, Schools of Hope tutors had an training on preventing Summer Slide. MaryAnn Nickel had some great ideas for items to put in student folders. After assembling my student folders, I found many more places to find free printables to include.

Scholastic has printables for ages 6-7 and Ages 8-10 and a Parent's Guide to Fly Guy with printable activities. If you search for an author's name on the website you may find more games or activities to include.

The National Wildlife Federation has printable games, recipes and other activities for kids.

Children's author, Jan Brett, has printable Activities and Games pages on her website.

Other children's authors that have free printables are Doreen Cronin (Activities) and Kevin Henkes  (Activities).

There treasure trove of actual stories is the Highlights Free Printables and the Stories (fiction), Articles (non-fiction) and Poetry pages.

Reading is Fundamental has  Feed Your Brain Word Games printables.

These sites are available to both tutors and parents and provide anyone with internet access and a printer plenty of activities to keep kids interested.

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