Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Reading Ideas

I stumbled on this page on GoodReads this morning: What Book Made You Fall in Love With Reading?  So far, there are 373 responses to the question, some folks are even older than I am (who knew that was possible), more are thirty  to forty something and there is a large group of teens and twenty somethings. The number one book/series mentioned by the later group is Harry Potter, no surprise there. That series turned my oldest grandson into an avid reader a decade and a half ago. Charlotte's Web is mentioned by all age groups. My youngest daughter became  an ardent reader after I read it to my kids.  The Percy Jackson series is mentioned numerous times, as is Nancy Drew (and not only by old people), The Baby Sitter's Club series, The Secret Garden (which would have made me into a voracious reader if I wasn't one already) and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Some people gave specific credit to mom or dad for reading to them. A bonus at the top of the page is a preview of  The BFG. Could one of the many books mentioned in this article be the one that hooks your kid?

Our local independent bookstore, Copperfield's is offering their Festival of Characters, kid's summer reading program for 2016. Go online or into a store to register and pick up a reading
bingo card. Five books in a row entitles you to a prize.

The website includes book lists, you might get an idea by looking at the graphics above what some of the books are (Ramona Quimby and Greg Heffley for the uniniated) 

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