Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flat Emma’s Adventures

Flat Emma, like Flat Stanley, was sent to California in an envelop to visit her cousins. She spent the day with her cousin, Noah, on his 7th birthday. The next day she flew with me to Florida to visit some more of her cousins. She had an unscheduled stop in Atlanta, Georgia and arrived in Florida a day late. She was just in time to help her cousin, Brian, celebrate his 6th  birthday. Flat emma singing HB

Flat Emma also visited the University of Florida Museum of Natural History with her cousins, Brian, Abby and Nora. She saw the Colombian Mammoth skeletonPhoto Mar 25, 1 47 44 PMPhoto Mar 25, 1 48 16 PM







Flat Emma and her cousins learned that this mammoth’s remains were found in river sediment with tools used by Florida’s first human inhabitants, which means that one people and huge elephant like animals roamed around Florida together! Next Flat Emma went to the Seepage Bog  exhibit with its carnivorous plantsPhoto Mar 25, 1 25 11 PM

and listened to the sounds of all the insects and birds that live in Florida’s bogs.

Our next stop was The Discovery Room where Flat Emma got to take a ride in the museum's wind tunnel

Photo Mar 25, 1 31 38 PM

Flat Emma is back in California now and is planning more adventures with her cousin, Noah, this week.

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