Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flat Stanley and His New Pal Flat Emma

Forty eight years ago, Jeff Brown wrote a book called Flat Stanley. One night, while he was sleeping, a huge bulletin board fell on Stanley.  When he woke up he was four feet tall, one foot wide and  1/2 inch thick. In the first book, Stanley was sealed in an envelop and mailed off to California to vacation with friends.

Flat stanley book

The real Emma lives in Minnesota. She is in the first grade. Flat Emma arrived in an envelop in California on Friday. On Sunday, she is going to visit her cousin in Roseville to help him celebrate his seventh birthday. On Monday, she is boarding a plane to Florida to visit some more cousins and to help one of those cousins celebrate his sixth birthday. Stay tuned for a glimpse of Flat Emma’s adventures. 

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