Friday, February 7, 2014

A Big Guy Took My Ball

Perennial Theodore Seuss Geisel medalist and honor winner, Mo Willems, has written and illustrated a 2014 Honor book,  A Big Guy Took My Ball. True to form, this book is both funny and sweet.

Piggie has found a big ball and is having fun but a big guy came and took it. Upset, she goes to Gerald for help. It is not right and Gerald offers get her ball back. Big guys have all the fun! Gerald goes to confront the big guy. Turns out that even for an elephant, the big guy is really, really big. He is a whale. As Gerald is explaining to Piggie why he did not get her ball back, the whale comes to thank her for finding his little ball. He says that no one wants to play with him because he is so big. Little guys have all the fun! Gerald and Piggie offer to play “whale ball” with him and all of them have BIG fun.

A Big Guy Took My Ball

The AR level is 1.0. The Yulupa Library has one copy and the Sonoma County Library has  several copies.

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