Sunday, July 10, 2016

Uni the Unicorn

A couple of my granddaughters were unicorn true believers. They loved this story about Uni, who unlike her unicorn friends and family, believes that little girls are real.

Uni dreams of a strong, smart, magical little girl who would be her best friend. They would run fast, explore and help creatures in need or they could just sit and talk about important things. But most fun would be sliding down rainbows together. Not too far away, is a little girl, who unlike her friends and family, believes that unicorns are real; who is just waiting to be Uni's friend.

The author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, wrote one of the blog's favorites, Exclamation Mark, a book in story, style and design about as far away from Uni the Unicorn as you can get but the theme is similar: believing in yourself. Bridgette Barrager illustrations are exactly what a six year old would want to see.

The AR is 3.2 but it would be a good book for beginning readers with good phonics skills because there are few words on each page and the text is large and well-spaced. The Sonoma County Library has twelve copies.

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