Wednesday, July 27, 2016


 We are a multi-generation pug family, which means all of us are a little crazy about all things pug. Theodore Seuss Geisel award winner, has penned another funny book for the earliest readers, Pug.

It is snowing, Pug sees Peg, Pug wants to go out to see Peg. Mom is wrapped up in a blanket reading, Dad just got finished shoveling but Tad is sleeping. Pug makes it clear he wants to go outside, after a little blackmail, Tad agrees to take him for a walk. Where is Peg? All ends well as Tad and Pug and Meg and her pug go for a walk in the snow.

The words are simple, the humor is in the artwork. The publication date for this book is July 30, 2016, so I have no library information at this time. Here is the link to Ethan Long's other early readers at the Sonoma County Library.

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