Sunday, August 14, 2016

50 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read

School starts here in a couple of days. Yulupa is a K-3 school, so learning to read is a big part of what goes on here. Learning to read starts at birth, it is a complicated process. Both teachers and parents have a role to play.  Allison McDonald from No Time for Flashcards has a list of 50 ways  to help your child learn to read.  The most important thing a parent can do is to read and talk to their child starting at birth. Some of my favorites on her include rhyming games, getting a magazine subscription (what kid doesn't like to get mail?), and let them choose their own books at the library or in the store. One more way that she alludes to is pointing out environmental print: stop signs, names of stores, billboards, street sign and exit signs. I think most of us knew what a stop sign said before we could read the words in a book but didn't think of it as "reading".

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