Sunday, March 3, 2013


If kids had coffee tables, Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger would be sitting on them. A 2013 Caldecott Honor book, it is a beautiful, painterly exploration of the color green.


Each two page spread features a different shade of green. The paintings are acrylic on canvas. Laura Vaccaro Seeger  applies the paint with both brush and palette knife, giving each painting  texture on the flat page. We can even see the canvas through the paint in some places. She also uses die cuts to give us a peek at the next spread. The first painting is forest green. Two die cut leaves become fishes when you turn the page to sea green. Using a tone poem of about fifty words, she tells us about green, what is not green and about lasting green.

Green is a great gift for toddlers learning their colors. It is easy to see all the many tones and shades of the color we call green. It is also for artistically inclined older children. They will love to linger over the art work, looking at all the details.  A first grader should have no trouble reading the words.

 The Sonoma County Library has many copies.

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